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Driving School NorwichAre you learning to drive?  Are you looking for driving lessons in Norwich? 

If you want to be able to relax and enjoy your driving experience, you’ve come to the right place if you want Norwich driving lessons!

Call us on 07432 181 095 to book your Driving Lessons in Norwich

From the first turn of the key, to the great day when you get your Full Licence, Alexandra driving lessons in Norwich are friendly and fun.  

Learning a new skill like driving is a huge step in your life and can be your ticket to freedom, new job opportunities, and independence!  Driving is a valuable skill to learn, and your driving lessons in Norwich should be something you will look forward to.  

Alexandra Driving School has helped thousands of learner drivers like you, to pass their driving test with safe tuition and and friendly driving lessons in and around Norwich. 

So let’s take a ride!

Norwich Driving Lessons with Alexandra Driving School!

There’s nothing quite like getting into the driver’s seat on your first real outing as a learner driver.  A lot of people feel extremely nervous on their first lesson, but there’s no need to be.  If you want driving lessons in Norwich - nothing could be easier.  

Call Alexandra Driving School in on 07432 181 095 to book your Norwich driving lessons

Alexandra is offering driving lessons all around the local Norwich area with pickups within 5 miles if you live on the outskirts of town. Alexandra is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese too.  So if you want to learn to drive in Norwich with a friendly instructor, just give us a call.  

No need to be nervous about your driving lessons in Norwich

Are you anxious about your first driving lessons?  Don’t be! Norwich has plenty of quiet residential streets for practicing on before you branch out into more traffic ridden areas.  From that wobbly moment in your first driving lesson when you pull out into the road and move slowly forward, to the three point turn and the mysterious world of ’parallel parking’ ... your first few driving lessons will always have an element of hair-raising excitement...but have no fear because at these moments you can have confidence in Alexandra, who is a highly qualified driving instructor.   So, to get the best experience out of their driving lessons, Norwich students only have to call Alexandra Driving School.  Alexandra Driving School gives driving lessons Norwich clients really enjoy! Her friendly and relaxed manner puts you at your ease. 

To Book Driving Lessons Norwich - Call us Now!

Alexandra Driving School is an Approved Driving Instructor in Norwich - who delights in teaching students of all ages and abilities all around the area. Her stress-free approach with learner drivers puts even the most nervous of beginners at ease. With Alexandra’s qualifications and experience at giving driving lessons, students all around the area achieve their full license with the minimum of tension and maximum enjoyment! 

Alexandra Driving School Norwich

Passing that driving test is one of the major rites of passage into adulthood - opening your horizons to jobs and freedom you have never known before.  You need a local driving instructor who is committed to high standards of quality and excellence, to inspire you with the confidence to succeed the first time you take your test and get out on the open road where unlimited miles stretch out before you!

If you are looking for driving lessons, then Norwich is the place to find Alexandra Driving School. You don’t have to travel into town - she can meet you at home if necessary, to make it easier to get to your driving lessons. So if you live outside of Norwich, no worries!  You can still learn to drive with her!

You may be young, you may be older, but when you want driving lessons, students of any age get on the road successfully with Alexandra Driving School!

So - if you need lessons, Alexandra Driving School is the place to get them! Get great value driving lessons, give Alexandra Driving School a call on 07432181095.

Safe driving lessons Norwich way - it’s a pleasure with Alexandra Driving School. 


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